The real estate attorneys at Wright, Shagley & Lowery, P.C. offer legal services to aid you in every step of your residential or commercial real estate project. These services include rezoning and land-use planning; negotiation of financing; project development, including platting, preparation of covenants and restrictions, easements and operating agreements; organization of homeowners’ associations; leasing; land contracts; sale or purchase; drafting of deeds and trusts, clearing up title defects; appealing tax assessments; and any other matters, including litigation, which may need to be considered at any phase of the real estate project.

Wright, Shagley & Lowery, P.C. also renders opinions for developers, landlords, borrowers, lenders, mineral rights purchasers, purchasers and sellers in connection with real estate and personal property transactions. Our real estate attorneys are experienced in many aspects of enforcing the rights of secured parties through foreclosure, deeds in lieu of foreclosure or other available remedies and we provide legal services regarding creditor’s rights in bankruptcy, including the filing of adversary proceedings and seeking relief from an automatic stay so that creditors may proceed with foreclosure or repossession of its secured collateral. In addition, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience in dealing with complex annexation, condemnation and eminent domain matters as we have counseled and represented clients through every stage, from preliminary negotiations for the acquisition of the property through the ultimate determination of just compensation through litigation.

In addition our real estate attorneys have experience in defending mortgage foreclosure actions and land contract disputes for debtors, while seeking protection from deficiency judgments, as well as negotiating and drafting forbearance agreements, loan workouts, subordination agreements, intercreditor agreements, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, and other similar tools and techniques used in real estate transactions.

The real estate attorneys at Wright, Shagley & Lowery, P.C. have an extensive landlord/tenant and leasing practice, both commercially and residentially, including the preparation and review of leases and litigation of eviction and damage proceedings. Our versatile range of skills and knowledge allow us to assist clients across the entire range of real estate needs. Our real estate attorneys handle legal issues related to all types of real estate, including office, retail, hospitality, restaurant and bar, mixed-use and multi-family properties, distressed properties, coal mines, oil and gas reserves, and other residential, commercial and industrial uses.


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