The law firm of Bauer and Kincade originated in the late 1940's after World War II, consisting of Lenhardt E. Bauer and Leonard P. Kincade. Ralph Berry became an associate in April of 1949 and the firm name was later changed to Bauer, Kincade and Berry. This firm lasted until approximately 1958, when Leonard P. Kincade and Ralph Berry left the firm and began practicing law at 522 Ohio Street under the firm name of Berry and Kincade, later adding William C. Allen to the firm, under the name of Berry, Kincade and Allen. Later, William C. Allen left the firm and Verl G. Miller became a partner, as the firm was now under the name of Berry, Kincade and Miller.

Beginning in the early 1960's, the law firm began practicing at its present location, 500 Ohio Street. Leonard P. Kincade died on January 3, 1970, and in December, 1970 Robert L. Wright became a member of the firm, which was later changed to Berry, Miller & Wright. Richard J. Shagley became a member of the firm in 1971. In 1975, Verl G. Miller left the law firm, which became Berry, Wright & Shagley. In April, 1977, Ralph Berry died, and on July 1, 1977 Norman L. Lowery became a member of the firm of Berry, Wright, Shagley & Lowery. Later the name of Berry was dropped from the firm, now known as Wright, Shagley & Lowery. Benjamin F. Crawford joined the firm in 1980, which became Wright, Shagley, Lowery & Crawford. Benjamin F. Crawford left the firm in late 1987, and the firm once again became known under its present name, Wright, Shagley & Lowery, P.C. Christopher A. Newton became a member of the firm on June 19, 1989. Timothy E. Fears joined the firm on June 1, 1990. Norman L. Lowery left the firm in 1995 to become the President of First Financial Bank, N.A. Richard J. Shagley II became a member of the firm on July 31, 2000.

Christopher A. Newton left the firm in December, 2004 to become the Judge of Vigo Superior Court, Division 4. Timothy E. Fears left the firm in June, 2005 to become the private attorney for Thompson Thrift. Jennifer R. Wrede joined the firm on January 3, 2005, and left the firm in January, 2006 to join the Prosecutor’s Office under then Prosecutor, Robert L. Wright. Bradley A. Bough joined the firm on November 1, 2005. Thomas S. Clary II joined the firm on September 19, 2005.