The oil and gas attorneys at Wright, Shagley & Lowery, P.C. represent large and small oil and gas companies, as well as clients who own mineral rights and seek protection for their rights to fair royalties, environmental protection of their land and other concerns of landowners. Our attorneys can help ensure that your concerns are addressed, and when they aren’t, we can proceed with litigation and fight for your rights in court, if necessary.

Our oil and gas attorneys have in-depth experience reviewing, drafting and negotiating oil and gas leases, assignments of leases, complex property and asset acquisitions and dispositions, overriding royalties, operating agreements, seismographic testing agreements, participation agreements, unitization agreements, exploration agreements, and assignments of working interests. In addition, the oil and gas attorneys of Wright, Shagley & Lowery, P.C. are experienced in reviewing title and drafting pre-drill opinions and division orders. These royalty and lease agreements can be very complicated and having a knowledgeable attorney review the paperwork is strongly recommended.

Circumstances may also require that you seek a quiet title action and/or clear up title defects after having an expired oil and gas lease or nonproducing well. The oil and gas attorneys at Wright, Shagley & Lowery, P.C. can help you clear up these title defects by drafting and recording the necessary affidavits regarding the nonproduction of the well or expiration of the lease.

Because we are a small firm, you will have the opportunity to work with one of our principal attorneys at all times. We take a personalized approach, always listening carefully to your questions and concerns, so that we can identify your needs and options. We can also provide general counsel services to oil and gas companies operating in Western Indiana and Eastern Illinois, counseling you on all types of legal issues that arise on a day-to-day basis.


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